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Chamber Staff

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Kristy Martin


As the CEO of the Porterville Chamber of Commerce, I am dedicated to promoting and supporting the growth and success of local businesses. I have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing small businesses and I work tirelessly to provide the resources and support they need to thrive. I have a background in healthcare, non-profit management, and am a small business owner myself and I am passionate about bringing people and resources together to create a vibrant, thriving community.

I lead a team of dedicated professionals who work to provide value to our members through networking opportunities, advocacy, promotion, and educational resources. We also organize events and initiatives that promote the area and its businesses to both local and international markets.

I believe that a strong business community is the foundation of a strong community overall, and I am committed to working with local leaders and stakeholders to create a supportive environment for businesses to flourish. I am honored to lead such an organization and am excited to continue to make a positive impact on our community.


Rona Kane

Member Services Director

As the Member Services Director, I bring a wealth of experience in customer service and management to the Porterville Chamber of Commerce. I have a passion for helping people and a commitment to excellence, I am dedicated to ensuring that all members receive top-notch service and support. I have keen eye for detail and a focus on continuous improvement. I am constantly looking for ways to enhance the member experience and streamline processes. Whether assisting with membership inquiries, resolving issues, or implementing new initiatives, I am always ready to go above and beyond to ensure that members are satisfied and engaged with the Porterville Chamber of Commerce.  I bring to the table a desire for inclusion and a knowledge of cultural diversity that is applied in all of my work.  My brand is "Getting it done while having fun!"


Jesus Alexander Gomez

Events and Marketing Coordinator

From launching email campaigns to executing an engaging networking experience, I coordinate the Porterville Chamber of Commerce's events and marketing. Our events don't just serve our Chamber members but also our Porterville community and I am determined to continue serving all who welcome business and professional growth!
I graduated with a bachelor's in political science and a minor in creative innovation. I have experience as a marketing analyst and diversity and inclusion events coordinator. I'm excited to work with a fantastic team at the forefront of business success and am prepared to advocate for our many members.

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