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About Us

The Porterville Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary federation of the businesses in our community. Uniting the efforts of businesses and professional individuals, the Chamber supports a strong economy for the Greater Porterville Area. The Chamber encourages business and industrial investment, broadening the tax base and workforce development activities. Essentially the Chamber is the Voice of Business. To business prospects and newcomers, the Chamber represents the community’s profile.

The Porterville Chamber of Commerce was chartered in 1907 and has evolved into one of the key leaders in community development. Its influence will continue to be felt throughout the community as the Chamber adapts to an ever-changing global marketplace.

The Porterville Chamber is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization of businesses and professional people committed to the betterment of their community through economic development and a strong, healthy business environment. These members of the community volunteer their labor and talent as an organized group because they recognize that... ‘We can do together, what no one can do alone.’ And, together as the Porterville Chamber, they are “People Promoting Business for the Benefit of the Community.”


Encouraging well planned business development is a priority for the Chamber. We take great pride in our role in providing essential training opportunities and workshops. Keeping you up-to-date on such subjects as worker's compensation, employment interviews, labor laws, unemployment insurance and employee compliance is important to us because it is vital to the successful operation of our member businesses. Several workshops and seminars are presented each year at no or reduced cost to our members.

The Chamber has a variety of business resource materials available, from business start-up packages to compliance poster sets. Through our established partnerships, we can also refer you a variety of sources to assist with such things as business plan development and employee recruitment and retention.

Our active Governmental Affairs Committee works to keep you informed of any legislative issues which could positively or negatively impact the operation of your business. They also assume an advocacy role, when appropriate, in order to protect the best interests of our members.


The following are projects and activities of the Chamber:

- Porterville Annual Spring Festival (April)
- Annual Business Show Case
- Annual Chamber Awards Ceremony
and Installation Banquet
- Annual Children's Christmas Parade



Also supporting:

- The Buck Shaffer Spectacular
- Porterville Youth Leadership Academy

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Chamber. With limited staff and resources, it is only through the partnership with our volunteers that we have and continue to accomplish great things. Volunteer opportunities are available and we can use your help. Even if it's just for a few hours. All of the programs that’s listed above have been successful thanks to the efforts of volunteers working with our appreciative staff.

Please contact our office to volunteer at the Porterville Chamber of Commerce.


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