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Porterville Library Junction Auction

For Immediate Release June 25th 2o24

Tippet Rise Art Center, located near Fishtail, Montana, is home to some of the most prestigious and inventive pieces of art in the world.  This center contains a sculpture by Patrick Dougherty called “Daydreams” which this Porterville Library Junction (Tippet PLJ) is modeled after.  Per Dougherty, “The sculpture is a reaction to the memories that haunt the old prairie schoolhouse.  It is a sculpture that celebrates the wistful escape and indulges bucolic fantasies of nature as headmaster and the wind as a learning aid.”  These sentiments echo the memory of the firefighters lost in the Porterville Public Library fire.  Tippet PLJ reflects the schoolhouse, the artist, and all the art found in Tippet Rise.  This project was created by Kirsten Kempfer, Regina Burch-Konda, and Evie Griffin.  Kirsten and Regina both graduated from Porterville High School during the 1980s.  Kirsten resides in Porterville, CA and is a retired art teacher from the Summit Academy Charter School in Porterville.  Regina lives in Kingsburg, CA and currently teaches in the Business Management Department at CSU, Fresno.  Evie (@eviejoy_art), a high school senior residing in Kingsburg, CA, brought much needed youthful energy, creativity, and artistic talent to the project!  


Tippet PLJ is presently on display at the Porterville Chamber of Commerce.  You should go check it out!  Pictures don’t do it justice……it is absolutely stunning in person!  On a side note, many of the pictures that are affixed to the library are actual images that Kirsten photographed of the schoolhouse during her most recent visit. 

Visit to bid on this beautiful library!  Bidding closes 9/1/24 at 9pm. 


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