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OACYS Technology and Springville Sierra Rodeo– Announce OACYS will be providing FREE WIFI at the Springville Rodeo Event April 26th through 28th.

For Immediate Release Aprill 22, 2024



April 22th, 2024

OACYS Technology and Springville Sierra Rodeo- Announce OACYS will be providing FREE WIFI at the Springville Rodeo Event April 26th through 28th.

Porterville, CA – OACYS Technology, a leading provider of internet, phone, and IT solutions throughout Tulare County, is thrilled to announce that they will be providing complimentary WIFI for thousands of attendees during the upcoming Springville Rodeo event from April 26th through April 28th.

Limited cell phone reception and Internet connectivity has been the challenge for the Springville Rodeo at its location in Springville, CA. As technology continues to play a significant role in the experience of modern events, the Springville Rodeo and OACYS Technology recognizes the importance of Internet access for the attendees. OACYS will install the necessary equipment for this event to connect to their tower in Springville.  The town of Springville has been the beta site for OACYS to test mobile WIFI equipment at remote locations. During previous years, OACYS provided Internet connection for the vendor booths and WIFI for the rodeo contestants area. This year, the WIFI will be available to the public attending the rodeo. By providing free WIFI access throughout the Springville Rodeo grounds, vendors and attendees can utilize cashless transactions. Rodeo attendees can stay connected with friends and family, share memorable moments on social media, and access important event information through the Sierra Springville Rodeo website.

"As a community member, we are thrilled to support this year’s Springville Rodeo by providing reliable WIFI connectivity to attendees," said Ryan Walker, President of OACYS Technology. "Our goal is to enhance the overall event experience and ensure that everyone can stay connected during this exciting weekend of rodeo action.”

OACYS Technology's WIFI network will cover the entire rodeo grounds, including spectator areas, vendor booths, and contestant areas.  Attendees can simply connect to "OACYS-events” network and enjoy fast and secure internet access throughout the event.

"We are grateful to OACYS Technology for their generous contribution to our event," said LC Kaylor, Director of social media and Entertainment for the Springville Rodio. "Having reliable WIFI available to our attendees adds another level of convenience and enjoyment to the rodeo experience.”

"For more information about OACYS Technology, visit   For further information about the Springville Rodeo, visit

About OACYS Technology: OACYS Technology provides the best technology solutions possible to our valley residents and businesses.  From Internet and Voice-over-IP to Managed IT and computer repair, we go the extra mile to keep our customers happy and to offer a full suite of technological solutions. Visit WWW.OACYS.COM or Call (559)781-4123


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