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Wishon Campground Prescribed Burn Planned

For Immediate Release

Wishon Campground Prescribed Burn Planned
Sequoia National Forest and Giant Sequoia National Monument
SPRINGVILLE, CA, April 2, 2024—
The Western Divide Ranger District of
the Sequoia National Forest is
preparing to implement prescribed
burning at Wishon Campground if
conditions allow Wednesday, April 3,
2024. Approximately 20 hand piles and
5 acres will be treated within the
campground. Piles within the project
area consist of brush, and limbs
created during the 2023 March storms
and debris from hazard tree within
There are many benefits associated with
prescribed burning. The burns consume material on the ground, open space for regeneration, and
return nutrients to the soil, which supports regeneration. Prescribed burns also help protect
communities by reducing fuel loads and fuel continuity limiting fire ability to spread, lowering the risk of
a high-severity wildfire.
Smoke, flames, and glowing embers are often visible, and are a normal part of pile burning operations.
Forest firefighters will monitor the area until the piles are considered out. Fire managers coordinate with
the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District to minimize smoke impacts.
Stay informed by following the Sequoia National Forest webpage at,
Facebook @SequoiaNF, and Twitter @sequoiaforest.
Types of prescribed fire
The three general types of prescribed fire are pile burning, understory/underburning, and broadcast
burning. They all help decrease the threat of high-intensity, high-severity wildfires; reduce the risk of
insect and disease outbreaks; recycle nutrients that increase soil productivity; and improve wildlife
habitat. Another benefit resulting from prescribed fire is a reduction in wildfire danger to local

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