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Shepreneurs of Porterville: Isabella Racca of Sugar Buzz


Isabella Racca - sugar buzz

My name is Isabella Racca. I am a 14-year-old small business Owner of Sugar Buzz Freeze Dried Candies. I’m in the 8th grade this year. I’m a member of the Porterville Chamber of Commerce. I love to play basketball and flag football. I love to hang out with my family and friends.
I started my business last year in April of 2023. I've always dreamed of owning my own business. One day I had an idea of making freeze-dried candy and selling it. I’ve always loved the excitement of making my own money and putting it away in a savings for my college tuition.
My family and I came home one day from LA where we had bought some freeze-dried candies. We all thought the candy was really good. After a couple of months of doing my own research on how to make and package my own candies, I let my parents know I was ready to start my own business. They thought I was crazy! But a few days later they took me to get my very own business license! I was very excited! We started looking for a name and logo and after having and drawing different logos I found one I really loved. We then started the candy making! We started to sign up for many different kinds of pop-ups all over the county. I’m now licensed in 3 different counties: Tulare, Kings, and Kern. My business has helped out with different fundraisers like the Wyland Foundation in Hanford and the Rett Clinic fundraiser in Visalia and I also donated some of my candy to sell at a fundraiser event of which all of the proceeds were donated to the fire victims of Strathmore.
We have been non-stop since April of last year. Pop-ups are a very fun way to sell my candy I get to meet lots of other talented people and see their awesome products. The pop-up events are a great way for small businesses to grow. One day I’d love to host and coordinate more pop-ups in our community of Porterville. I think it’s a great way to get our community and their families to get together for a fun and enjoyable day. One of my goals is to have my candies in different types of stores. My ultimate goal is to continue business with Sugar Buzz and maybe own my very own Freeze Dried Candy storefront one day! To each and every one of my supporters I’d like to say your support makes my little business thrive and become a little more successful each day. Thank you for all your support!
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