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Shepreneurs of Porterville: Nicole Simmerman of Mother Earths Gemz

Shepreneurs of Porterville: Nicole Simmerman of Mother Earths Gemz

I’m 52 years young. I am moma to my trio of chicks and a proud Nonna to three Grandsons and one Granddaughter. I share this journey with my Love Shakayr of twenty four years and my fur babies! I was born in Sherman Oaks, California and spent my teen years in Valencia, California.

I moved to Porterville temporarily twenty five years ago. I‘ve come to love Porterville. The breathtaking mountains and our magnificent rivers. The view of the hills and mountains are part of the treasures one can view from my shop Mother Earths Gemz.

I have the utmost gratitude to be the owner and CEO of not just one but two local businesses!

I've been working in mental health, hospice and Elder care for over 25 years. I started Benevolent Care five years ago. I have a staff of eight amazing women. We offer every level of care and the hours to meet the needs of our clients and their loved ones. Our compassionate and ethical staff treat our clients as our family, because they do become our family.

Three years ago I manifested my dream, Mother Earths Gemz, a crystals and metaphysical shop in downtown Porterville. Mother Earths Gemz is sacred to me, for many reasons. First I am from a long line of healers and energy workers, I represent the seventh generation. I am a certified Reiki Master, Crystal healer and Tarot Card Reader along with many other energy works from the divine. I am filled with gratitude, love and harmony. My daughters and I travel the world to ethically source all our Crystals and bless all before displaying for purchase. I am proud to be passing on this legacy of healing arts in the lineage of my daughters and grandchildren who all have their own unique abilities they facilitate! 

Compassion, Love and Empathy can raise the vibration for the greater good of all!


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