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Shepreneurs of Porterville – Angela Patterson of OsteoStrong & MECCA

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Angela Patterson - OsteoStrong & MECCA

Angela Patterson is a dynamic entrepreneur and community leader, co-owning two thriving businesses in Porterville alongside her husband Eddie Patterson and partner Dr. Missakian. Angela's passion for health and heritage shines through. At OsteoStrong, her passion project, Angela spearheads a mission to foster wellness and longevity in the community through an innovative skeletal strength conditioning program. Her dedication extends to the iconic Mecca Bar and Lounge, where she revitalized the 87-year-old establishment with a fresh rebranding while preserving its rich history. Beyond these ventures, Angela also manages several Airbnbs and oversees operations at their ranch in Springville. With her multifaceted contributions to business and community development, Angela embodies the spirit of female entrepreneurship and leadership in Porterville.

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