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Shepreneurs of Porterville: Roberta Hunter of Sequoia Christian Academy

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Roberta Hunter - Sequoia Christian Academy

Roberta Hunter founded Sequoia Ministries, Inc. in 2006. This includes the school Sequoia Christian
Academy, which has one campus in Delano and another in Porterville. Ms. Hunter’s education includes a degree in
Child Development, Liberal Arts, and a Master of Science in Special Education. Most recently, Ms. Hunter finished
her EdD in education and special education. Ms. Hunter’s educational background has allowed her to access
individual education services for many children who have fallen through the cracks and been overlooked within the
public school system. In addition, students from various backgrounds have found help while attending Sequoia
Christian Academy, which is a full-inclusion school. Full inclusion settings allow all students to benefit and learn
together in a social environment with hands-on activities and field trip experiences. Ms. Hunter believes that children
learn best in a small group setting with adequate individual instruction for all.

Ms. Hunter has lived in the San Joaquin Valley for more than forty years. She began teaching in McFarland,
founding the early intervention non-intensive preschool program there. Ms. Hunter taught Child Development at
Porterville College for one year and then moved to Bakersfield College for twenty-two years before beginning the
Porterville/Springville elementary school during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sequoia has small class sizes and provides
classes for Transitional Kindergarten through eighth grades. All are welcome!

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