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A LOOK INSIDE NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION porterville area coordinating council

PACC was started in 1970 by Don Blumenthal as a faith-based organization to help people in the Porterville area. In 1997 PACC became a non-profit organization that serves the Porterville area and with referrals through churches, community organizations, individual referrals, and other non-profit organizations.


Today, PACC helps with the following:
1-Emergency Shelter
2. Utilities
3. Emergency Transportation
4. Gasoline Vouchers
5. Emergency Clothing
6. Christmas Baskets in conjunction with the local Salvation Army.


Their referrals for assistance come from churches, CPS, Proteus, Tulare County Health & Human Services, Parenting Network, Porterville Police Department, Tulare Works, and many other local and community organizations.


PACC is the main distribution point for bread. They have partnered with the Porterville BIMBO bread store and PACC picks up an average of 1300 trays of bread per month. The bread is distributed to approximately 25 different churches, nonprofits, food pantries, and other organizations in the Southern Tulare County area. Listen to Ryan share more!

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