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May Ambassador of the Month

Terri Lee Guthrie of RWM Loans

In our vibrant Porterville community, there are individuals who go above and beyond to support local businesses and foster a thriving business environment. This month, we are proud to shine a spotlight on Terri Lee Guthrie, a remarkable individual and the Porterville Chamber of Commerce's May Ambassador of the Month. Terri's unwavering enthusiasm, event planning help, and dedication to expanding the Chamber's network have set her apart. Join us in celebrating Terri's outstanding contributions and recognizing her as a true champion for our local business community.

Terri possesses an infectious enthusiasm that brightens every Chamber event she attends. Her genuine excitement and positive energy create an engaging atmosphere, encouraging meaningful connections among members. Whether it's a ribbon-cutting ceremony, a networking mixer, or a community event, Terri's passion for connecting people and businesses shines through.

Terri's ability to recruit and engage new Ambassadors for the committee has been instrumental in strengthening its impact. Recognizing the power of diverse perspectives, she actively seeks out individuals who are passionate about our community and eager to make a difference. By fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment, Terri has attracted new Ambassadors to the committee, injecting fresh ideas and energy into its activities. Her efforts have expanded the committee's reach and enhanced its ability to support local businesses and initiatives effectively.

Her relentless commitment to the growth of the Chamber is exemplified by her remarkable success in bringing in new members. Leveraging her authentic connections and personalized approach, she has inspired numerous businesses to join the Chamber and become active contributors to our thriving business community. Terri's ability to articulate the Chamber's value proposition and highlight the benefits of membership has undoubtedly played a significant role in its continued success and relevance. Let's celebrate Terri's achievements and thank her for being a true advocate for our community.

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