• 2019 Chamber Circle of Excellence


  • Science, Mathematics and Resource Technology (SMART) Lab Director

    Posted: 06/18/2019

    Under the direction of the Porterville College Foundation Science, Mathematics and Resource
    Technology (SMART) Lab Committee and the Foundation Executive Director, the SMART Lab
    Director will organize, plan and implement operational activities of the department; and provide highly
    responsible and complex administrative and technical support to the SMART Lab program. Including
    curriculum development and instruction, developing, producing and coordinating SMART Lab
    programs, developing and maintaining multimedia and SMART Lab equipment and performing other
    work as required.

    Essential Job Functions:
    o Teaches STEM-based education curriculum in the areas of life, physical and earth
    science to instruct teachers and students grades K-8.
    o Researches written information and images for the purpose of finding accurate
    information and current images to present in SMART Lab programs.
    o Administers behavioral management and classroom management with grade-level
    o Coordinates client contracts for the purpose of meeting required PCF and business
    office procedures and requirements.
    o Coordinates and receives encoding data from clients for the purpose of processing
    necessary client information.
    o Plans/implements long and short-term programs and activities for the purpose of
    enhancing SMART Lab programs and services.
    o Assists in identifying and completing grant proposals for the purpose of securing funding
    to support the SMART Lab program.
    o Represents the SMART Lab in meeting with other departments, school district
    personnel, vendors and other agencies for the purpose of coordinating activities and
    programs, facilitating problem-solving discussions, responding to and resolving issues,
    exchanging information and actively promoting customer service.
    o Makes presentations for the purpose of building clientele and informing visitors, school
    districts and the community about the SMART Lab and program content.
    o Publishes dates, descriptions, grade-level application and content standards for the
    purpose of informing school districts and the public of SMART Lab program content.
    o Identifies/resolves technology-related issues or problems for the purpose of insuring the
    needs of the SMART Lab are met and the systems in place are functional.
    o Develops, plans, and coordinates equipment, computer hardware and software
    acquisition and installation for the purpose of SMART Lab technology needs and
    o Administers and maintains organization of program data, storage servers, backup
    systems and archives.
    o Maintains inventory of SMART Lab equipment for the purpose of business audits.